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Welcome to LIVE IN THE HIVE, where industry leaders, aspiring professionals, and curious minds converge in the groundbreaking virtual podcast studio, fostering an environment where truth is spoken, connections are made, and boundaries are pushed.

LIVE IN THE HIVE with Mr. Osea Nelson (LightEdison)

In this preview of our first episode, we're taking a first look at solar and rapid shutdown requirements, critical safety measures designed to protect first responders and others in the event of an emergency involving a photovoltaic (PV) system.

LIVE IN THE HIVE: Life skills training discussion

Solving the labor challenge while teaching the new workforce not only how to build solar, but providing them an environment where they can also learn basic life skills.

LIVE IN THE HIVE with Mary Anne Polson

Join us as we dive into the realm of ethics within the solar industry. Discover how SOLAR HIVE is leading the charge to safeguard the rights of future solar adopters, ensuring they receive fair treatment and avoid falling prey to unscrupulous door-to-door solar salespeople.

A short introduction to the SOLAR HIVE's new virtual podcast "LIVE IN THE HIVE".

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